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Starting with 2014, Astimp IT Solution SRL became a full member of RIPE and can offer affiliation and sponsorship services for the allocation of IP addresses and AS resources.


  • Since 2014 Astimp IT Solution SRL has become a full RIPE member and can provide affiliation and sponsorship services for IP address allocations and AS resources.

  • The registration will not affect the ownership of the resources, the customer will remain the owner of the use of the resources as long as the RIPE rules in force are observed.

Information on highlighting:

RIPE introduced in 2009 additional fees for independent resources ( PI addresses and AS numbers) allocated directly by RIPE . The amount of the fees shall be calculated on the basis of the resources allocated and shall be paid in advance each year.

The registration fee is paid only once and aims at the cost of transfer from another LIR to Astimp IT Solution SRL .

Failure to pay fees or Failure to join a LIR will result in the withdrawal of RIPE resources or the payment of annual up to 3000 Euro.

To sign up for LIR , you need to sign an agreement, copy the certificate of registration with the Trade Register, or a copy of the CIF for people who do not have a registration number. A copy of the CI is sufficient for individuals.

The agreement will be emailed after the order is registered.

Public IP addresses
  • PA - Provider Assigned
  • PI - Provider Independent
AS (Autonomous System)
  • The AS (Autonomous System) number is used by companies and ISPs that have at least two ISPs and want to perform dynamic routing and traffic balancing based on the BGP protocol.

Allocation of public IPs
  • IP addresses PA are spaces allocated by the provider to customers who need small spaces of IP addresses > 256 .

  • PA allocations can also be made in blocks larger than > 256 to customers with an AS number exactly like PI spaces.

  • IP addresses PI are greater than> 256, and are assigned to customers who have an AS number and have at least 2 connections to different internet providers to perform dynamic routing BGP .

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
  • BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is the routing protocol used in the core of the Internet. It maintains a table of IP networks (or "prefixes") that show the path used to reach that network through the various autonomous systems (AS).

  • BGP is therefore considered a vector-path routing protocol (as opposed to vector-distance protocols, which do not keep the whole path). BGP does not use the same metrics as the routing protocols used within ASs, but makes decisions based on the routing policies and policies of the autonomous system to which it belongs.

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