The first step to your own full SSD server.
Users of this service have full access to the server via SSH,
can install their own applications and modify configuration files.
VDS servers benefit from free DDOS and Firewall protection.

CLOUD VPS SSD price calculator



Each processor includes at least 2.6 GHz vCore power
2 GB

RAM memory

Dedicated memory included (KVM)
20 GB


Main disk, "Distributed storage" - SSD
0 TB

Cloud storage

Optional secondary disk, "Block storage" - SATA

Unlimited traffic monthly included, on a port of 100 Mbit / s

Ideal for simple websites, secondary nameservers & small test environments.
discount 20%
Estimated price
3 .00 €/month
No cPanel
cPanel included
Optional configurations
2,6 GHz Standard
3.3 GHz Optional
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VDS Cloud Benefits

  • Service activated within 10 minutes of payment
  • Guaranteed 99.98% network uptime
  • We provide technical support 24/7/365
  • Daily backup
  • cPanel / WHM license from € 7.5, IPv4 from € 1.15
  • We only use Enterprise Server components
  • Private peering with national and international providers
  • Private peering with RONIX and InterLAN- Internet Exchange
  • DDOS protection up to 500 Gbps
  • Fortigate hardware firewall protection

Cloud VPS VDS Details
How does it work?

The DDOS-protected VDS uses the cluster of servers managed by OpenNebula. The dynamic distribution of resources between physical servers ensures the correct operation of the service, even if problems occur on one of the OpenNebula servers. The LizardFS cluster on SSDs is used for data storage, it avoids the loss of information in case of failure of SSDs or even individual servers in the cluster. Virtualization is provided by the KVM hypervisor.

The use of high-capacity servers, high-bandwidth interfaces and efficient traffic cleaning systems - ddos ​​protection and hardware firewalls, results in maximum uptime.

Traffic detected as an anomaly or DDOS attack is subjected to the cleanup process at Layer 3-7 levels of the OSI model, providing protection against DDoS attacks, which are mainly aimed at congesting channels and depleting system resources.

When websites are hosted on VDS, the HTTP / HTTPS traffic protection system analyzes and processes requests to the web server and provides a full range of services for cleaning, delivering and optimizing traffic.

What it can be used for

DDS-protected VDS is best suited for fast-growing projects that need more resources than they can get from a hosting account. In such cases, we recommend that you move your website to a VDS-protected cPanel control panel. When needed, VDS resources can be increased, even the SSD hard drive, without data loss.

DDS-protected VDS can be used for any service that requires a fault-tolerant protected infrastructure. The client is free to configure any software on VDS and adjust the server according to existing requirements. This service is perfect for specialists willing to have maximum control over the operating system to perform non-routine tasks. It is also easy to use for beginners through OS templates and applications such as game servers (CS, Metin, SAMP… ), Wordpress, Docker, Nodejs, NGINX… etc.

Customer Benefits
  • Possibility to choose a control panel according to needs
  • Ability to choose an operating system or template and install any software or applications
  • A quick change (minutes or often in seconds) of VDS settings and resources without data loss
  • A wide variety of free options for accelerating VDS-hosted websites
  • All the tools you need to manage your site, applications, IPs, network, and security in one panel
  • Reducing the costs of renting the necessary resources and maintaining the infrastructure depending on the project
Storage Raid 10, full SSD

The hard disks we use on the servers are high-performance SSDs with a write / read speed of 550Mbps and an access time of 0.015 ms. The controllers are LSI hardware RAID 6 / 12G.


We offer a professional backup service with two backups, one on the external backup server and one on the LTO. The backup service is provided free of charge only in shared web hosting and reseller hosting packages.

The backup policy is set to default to a daily version of the last 15 calendar days.

cPanel / WHM access
  • WHM (reseller accounts only)

Manage your hosting accounts with the most advanced control panel.

  • cPanel

The most intuitive control panel with access to a wide range of features.

Cloud linux, LiteSpeed
  • LiteSpeed

Superior technology that increases site upload speed by up to 3 times.

  • Cloud linux

Resources guaranteed by individual isolation, PHP selector, stability and security.

With CloudLinux you have access to all versions of PHP, available via PHP selector directly from cPanel: PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

IPS / IDS Hardware Firewall: Fortigate 1500D

Protection system consisting of ANTI-DDOS solution, A10 Thunder CWF and Fortigate 1500D Intrusion Prevention IPS / IDS Next-Generation provides in-line data protection and critical applications, without affecting performance and productivity.

Fortigate 1500D
  • Real-time attack filtering, leaving application servers intact
  • Detecting and filtering any type of attack, OSI layer 2 to OSI layer 7 - High pps / bw rate (TCP / UDP / ICMP), SYN Flood, Fragmentation, Application Flood, Bootnet etc.
  • 13 Gbps intrusion prevention system (IPS / IDS) with layer 2 fallback capabilities
  • Over 100,000 security filters and vulnerabilities such as zero-day and IP-reputation
  • Geo-location security
  • Firewall throughput (Packets per Second) 82.5 Mpps
  • Concurrent sessions 12 million
  • Up to 50 Gbps IPSec VPN Throughput
  • Network throughput: 80 Gbps with a latency of less than 3 μs
Technical Support

Technical support is provided only by well-trained system administrators.

  • 2 x physical connections on fiber optics with each ISP
  • 2 routing equipment
  • 2 separate and redundant power supply circuits
  • 2 x climate - UPS and Generator
  • 2 x power supplies on each server
  • SSDs and Hardware Raid 10 on each server
Conectivitate la Internet
  • 99.99% guaranteed network availability (specified in SLA)
  • upload / download capacity of over 100 Gbps nationally and internationally
  • Total transfer capacity up to 600 Gbps
  • full mesh topology for core and border networks
  • Private peering with national and international providers