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If you want a domain with a personalized extension or you need more details do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information to make the best decision.


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  • 5 GB SSD storage
  • 2 domain hosted
  • Protectie DDOS includet

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DDOS Protection, Firewall and Antispam

10 GB Server

99 Per month
  • IP dedicat

50 GB Server

99 Per month
  • For reselleri

300 GB Server

00 Per month
  • For reselleri


  • In 10 minutes the services is activated
  • We guarantee network uptime of 99,98%
  • We provide technical support 24/7/365
  • Daily backup
  • Order and pay online
  • We work exclusively with Enterprise components
  • privat peering with national and international ISP
  • DDOS protection L2-L7 up to 500 Gbps
  • Firewall hardware protection with Fortigate
  • Free migration from another provider
Astimp IT Solution SRL este partener autorizat al Autoritatii Nationale care administreaza domeniile din zona .ro

Mii de domenii sunt inregistrate zilnic. Inregistreaza-ti domeniul dorit cat timp este inca disponibil. Poti alege sa il gazduiesti pe echipamentele Astimp IT Solution SRL .

Astimp IT Solution SRL  respecta confidentialitatea informatiilor:

Nu monitorizam verificarile efectuate.

Nu stocam in nicio baza de date verificarile tale.

Nu permitem nimanui vizualizarea verificarilor tale.

Inregistrand nume de domenii prin Astimp IT Solution SRL  beneficiezi de :

– rapiditate in inregistrare

– reinnoire nume domenii

– transferuri nume domenii

– optional serviciul Identity Privacy Protection, exceptand terminatiile .ro, .us si .eu

Inainte de a plasa o comanda pentru inregistrare de nume de domenii, te rugam sa citesti cu atentie REGULILE pentru inregistrarea numelor de domenii si subdomenii .RO, precum si CONTRACTUL pentru înregistrarea domeniilor .RO.

De la data de 1 Martie 2018 RoTLD, Registrul Român de domenii .ro, a facut tranziția către sistemul de înregistrare și mentenanță anuală pentru domeniile .ro. Începând cu această dată domeniile .ro se vor înregistra și se vor reînnoi pe o perioadă limitată de timp, între 1 an și maxim 10 ani. Toate domeniile achiziționate înainte de 1 Martie 2018 vor fi trecute în noul sistem după o perioadă de grație de cinci ani de la înregistrare (cele mai vechi de cinci ani vor expira pe parcursul anului 2018). Dacă aveți întrebări despre data expirarii domeniului dumneavoastră sau despre modalitatea de reînnoire a sa vă rugăm să ne contactați la comercial[arond]

Achizitia, reinnoirea, cat si transferul numelor de domenii se supun contractului furnizorului de Top Level.

We use on our servers only high performance hard drives – SSD, SAS and SATA Enterprise, with read / write speed up to 450Mbps and an access time of 0.015 ms.
Raid controller are LSI hardware raid 6/12G
We offer a professional backup service with two backups, one on the external backup server and one on the LTO. The backup service is offered free of charge only within the shared web hosting and reseller hosting packages.
The backup policy is configured by default to retain a daily version of the last 15 calendar days.
WHM ( Reseller only )

Manage hosting accounts with the most advanced control panel.


The most intuitive control panel, with access to a wide range of functionalities.


Superior technology that increases site loading speed up to 3 times.

Cloud linux

Resources guaranteed by individual isolation, PHP selector, stability and security.
With CloudLinux you have access to all versions of PHP, available through PHP selector directly from cPanel: PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

The protection system composed of the ANTI-DDOS, A10 Thunder CWF and Fortigate 1500D Intrusion Prevention IPS / IDS Next-Generation solution offers in-line protection of critical data and applications, without affecting performance and productivity.

Fortigate 1500D
– Filtering attacks in real time, leaving application servers intact
-Detection and filtering of any type of attack, OSI layer 2 to OSI layer 7 – High pps / bw rate (TCP / UDP / ICMP), SYN Flood, Fragmentation, Application Flood, Bootnet etc
– 13 Gbps intrusion prevention system (IPS/IDS) with layer 2 fallback capabilities
– Over 100,000 security filters, zero-day vulnerabilities and IP-reputation
– Geo-location security
– Firewall throughput (Packets per Second) 82,5 Mpps
– Concurrent sessions 12 milioane
– pup to 50 Gbps IPSec VPN Throughput
– Network throughput: 80 Gbps with a latency of less than 3 μs

We won’t limit in any way the hardware ressources, even if you exceed your average ressource consumption in a day. So your website / server is still functioning perfectly. If the resources of a service are exceeded consistently, then you will be contacted by our team for a possible upgrade.

  •  2 x physical connections on fiber optics with each ISP
  •  2 x redundant routers
  •  2 x separate and redundant power circuits
  •  2 x cooling solutions – UPS and Generators
  •  2 x Power supply on each server
  •  2 x 1Gbps Network port on each server
  •  2 x HDD and Hardware Raid controller on each server
  • guaranteed network avaiability of 99,98%, (specified in SLA)
  • upload/download capacity of over 30Gbps 
  • total transfer capacity of up to 600 Gbps 
  • full mesh topology for core and border networks 
  • private peerings with national and international providers