Enterprise hosting

Complete redundancy and protected connectivity against cyber attacks

Web Hosting

Hosting services at the best prices. Safety, speed and premium support. Do you want a site? Register a .ro domain here, renew it or transfer it from your current provider, choose the FREE hosting package. All hosting packages include: DDOS protection, Firewall and Free Antispam.


Your virtual machine with dedicated resources will be extremely stable and efficient. Unlike a traditional VPS, where many clients share the same kernel and share the resources "BURST", VDS is a dedicated mini server on a Opennebula Cloud platform with SSD / NVME distributed storage.

Dedicated server

Dedicated server with 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670 ( 32 vCore ), 128 GB RAM and HDD SSD & SATA oder SSD & SAS, makes sure that you have max. speed for your work and fast acces time on your HDD for application with high ressource consumption and intensive I/O load.
The optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

DDOS Protection

To ensure the constant availability of our customer services, we provide you with FREE L2-L7 protection services of the highest quality against DDoS attacks, with a capacity of up to 500 Gbps.
For clients outside our network we offer various packages and solutions.

We can create any hardware-software solution!
Contact us for details!

Reasons to work with us

Datacenter Tier-4

We offer web hosting in the best terms, because we use enterprise hosting equipment with complete redundancy in terms of connectivity, air conditioning, power supply and security systems, in data centers that guarantee a level of operation of 99.9%.

Protection DDOS and Firewall

All hosting services benefit from free DDOS, Firewall and Antispam protection.

Enterprise Equipment

It allows us to offer from basic solutions addressed to small and medium companies, to complex solutions implemented on their own infrastructure, contractually guaranteed.




Firewall protection

Easy scalability

Support 24/7

DDOS Protection

Devices built in your infrastructure ( out of path ):
– 40 Gbps Sensor / Filter – need 2U rack space
– 80 Gbps Sensor / Filter – need 3U rack space
– 120 Gbps Sensor / Filter – need 4U rack space
Anti-DDoS Tunnel or Secure Uplink:
– up to 500 Gbps with up to 6 Gbps Tunnel
– up to 500 Gbps with 1-10 Gbps Uplink