About Dedicat server

Our services are based only on brand name servers like IBM and  Supermicro with CPUs Intel Xeon Six /Octo/Deca Core, DDR3/4 ECC , SSD and HDDs NVMe/SSD/SAS /SATA Enterprise.


In the middle of 2015, Astimp IT Solution SRL took over the hosting division dedicatserver.ro from Astimp Consulting SRL, a company that since 1994 has been dealing with the supply of IT hardware equipment for data centers in Romania. The experience and professionalism of the technical team accumulated after the creation of 6 new data centers and the endowment of many hosting companies, especially servers and connectivity, helped us to become one of the most competitive providers of hosting services of type dedicated servers, DDOS protection and IP transfer from Romania, the services we offer are available on an IBM Blade Center hardware infrastructure and Supermicro 4 Nodes for servers and Arista, A10 Networks and Mellanox for network. Our mission is that through a continuous evolution we become the best service provider of this type in Romania.


Enterprise solutions

We have our own rack in the datacenter from Voxility SRL, in the M247 datacenter and equipment placed in NxDATA-1, all three data centers are equipped with high standards protection systems and a redundant internet connection that benefits for peering with all providers in Romania, but also for international direct links over 500 Gbps. This, together with the solid knowledge of our technical team, allows us to offer professional hosting solutions.


  • Voxility
  • M247
  • NxDATA
  • INES
  • InteLAN
  • Cloudflare
  • Primetelecom
  • A.N.S.I.P.
  • A.N.C.O.M.
  • RoTLD
  • Microsoft SPLA
  • cPanel

What for equipment do we have?

Our infrastructure is composed only of top equipment such as IBM BladeCenter with the following Blade models: IBM BLADE HS22, Supermicro 4 Node and HP 8 NODE used in dynamic and scalable configurations at any time for customer needs. Storage with ports of 40/100 EDR. Top Arista network equipment, such as the 7280R, which achieves a maximum performance of 3.6Tbps (Terabits per second) and 1.67Bpps (Billions packets per second).

The equipments are stacked in the latest generation HP rack that offers its own management system over the Internet and the electricity supply network, which is why they are provided with two current backup lines and PDUs. 32A Sentry with management and monitoring on each outlet (sockets). For the interconnection of the racks with the Arista 7280R equipment, the Arista 7280S, Arista 7050QX and Arista 7048 (last mile) equipment are used in a full mesh SDN structure.

We made a full mesh network with 3x Core Ruter (7280R) and 3 x Distribution (Arista 7280S) with multiple 40/100 Gbps connections.
In NxDATA-1 we have our own DDOS out of path protection, in M247 and Voxility the A10 Networks TH5430S CFW and Load Balancer and Firewall Fortigate 1500D solution, all three solutions can be used in cascade and / or individually according to the clients’ requirements.

Interconectarea la Internet

We are active members within the National Association of Internet Providers in Romania (more briefly ANISP), an active presence in the Romanian Network Internet Exchange node (briefly RONIX), we have peering with all the major Internet Providers in Romania, in the Click Click Net / Romtelecom, RDS, UPC, as well as their local distributors.

For this reason we can offer you high speed access to your site, both inside Romania and Europe, as well as to visitors from other continents. Regarding server stability, we offer an uptime of over 99.9% Tier3, an uptime absolutely necessary for every business present in the online environment, regardless of the sphere of activity (except those stipulated in the “Terms and Conditions”).