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Our services are based only on dedicated IBM brand name servers, Supermicro with Intel Xeon processors, DDR3 ECC, SSD, or SAS / SATA Enterprise HDD.


dedicatserver.ro belongs to Astimp IT Solution SRL, a company that deals with the provision of IT hardware for data centers in Romania and hosting services. The experience and professionalism of the technical team accumulated after the creation of 6 new data centers and endowment of many hosting companies, especially servers and connectivity, helped us to become one of the most competitive providers of dedicated servers in Romania, the services offered we are available on an IBM Blade Center and Supermicro 4 Node hardware infrastructure. Our mission is to continue to become the best service provider of this type.


Enterprise Solutions

We have our own racks (location: 9-9A Dimitrie Pompei, Bucharest), in the datacenter of Voxility SRL and (Glucose Plant No. 11B, 1st floor, Sector 2, Bucharest) in the M247 datacenter both equipped with high-quality protection systems with a redundant internet connection benefiting from peering with all Romanian providers, as well as direct international connections of over 500 Gbps. This, together with the solid knowledge of our technical team, allows us to offer professional hosting solutions.

By going to our website, you can deepen the technical features of our services. Basically, you will find technologies and equipment that positively differentiate our offer from other competitors. Among these, we list the most representative web hosting hosting packages dedicated to server and VDS:

The hard drives we use on servers are high-performance SSDs with a write / read speed of 450Mbps and a 0.015 ms access time, SAS and SATA Enterprise.
Counting resource consumption is not performed on traffic or number of impressions like other competitors
We do not limit hardware resources in any form, even if you have one day more than the average. So, your site / server will work just as well. If your site / server consistently exceeds the consumption of hardware resources specific to a particular package type, you will be contacted by our business department to upgrade it.
Technical support is granted only by system administrators with good professional training.

We do not use Desktop servers like i3, i5, i7 !!! these types are unstable are made for "home use" (use in the office or at home) not to work 24 hours a day for many years..

What equipment do we have?

Our infrastructure is comprised of top-class IBM BladeCenter equipment with the following Blade models: IBM BLADE HS22, Supermicro 4 Node and HP 8 NODE used in dynamic and scalable configurations at any time for customer needs. HP P2012 G3 / P2024 G3 optical fiber 4Gbps ports.

The equipment is stacked in the latest generation HP racks in Voxility and special 48+12U in M247 that provide a proprietary management system for the Internet and the power supply, which is why they are standard not with one but with two backup lines current and 32A Sentry PDUs with management and monitoring on each outlet (sockets).

We have built a full mesh network with 2x Core Router (Arista 7280R) + 4x Spine (Arista 7050QX) + 2x Leaf (Arista 7050T) with multiple 100G/40G/10G connections. We have our own DDOS out of path filtering with prefiltering through Radware and Corero in M247 , and Blackhole in Voxility and Ines ( for atacks over 40Gbps ), together with A10 Networks 5030CFW and Fortigate 1500D we created a secure network infrastructure .


Interconnection to the Internet

We are active members of the National Association of Internet Providers in Romania (shortly ANISP), an active presence in the Romanian Network Internet Exchange node (RONIX in short), we have peering with all major Internet Providers in Romania, in speta Click Net / Romtelecom, RDS, UPC, as well as their local distributors.

That is why we can offer you high speeds of access to your site, both inside Romania and Europe, as well as visitors from other continents. With regard to server stability, we offer up to 99.9% Tier3 uptime, an absolute uptime for every online business, regardless of the scope of activity (except those stipulated in the "Terms and Conditions").


We are present in two Neutral Career Data Centers in Romania: Voxility and M247. Between the two locations we have a 40Gbps cross-connector on a full mesh network structure, and a total 90Gbps internet connection: 40Gbps Voxility, 40Gbps M247 and 10Gbps Ines .





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